ASAW Art for the 20th – Aro Arrows

Today for aromantic spectrum awareness week I have a watercolor and ink painting of some aro arrows! Going from left to right, the feathers are the colors of the aroace flag, aro flag, and aroallo flag.

Here’s another image of it in front of my aro flag.


ASAW Art for the 18th

My mind is too full of void for there to be room for romance.

Today for aromantic spectrum awareness week I have a somewhat voidpunk piece that I did during inktober last year, and colored with the aromantic flag colors later on.

I’ll be selling it in my etsy shop as stickers, along with a rainbow version!


Since I didn’t post for ASAW (Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week) yesterday (I was sick), I’m posting not only one artwork today, but three!

Today I’ll be sharing some of my voidpunk related art. For those who aren’t aware, voidpunk is the rejection of the human identity and the reclamation of nonhumanity due to experiences of dehumanization from being part of a commonly dehumanized group. Voidpunk first arose in and is popular in the aro community, but it is not exclusive to aros! Learn more here and here.

Many use voidpunk as an aesthetic and create things like art and moodboards. Lots of great creations can be found in the voidpunk tag on tumblr. Voidpunk can be anything from space and alien themed, to ocean themed, to fantasy creatures, to animals, to robots, to demons, and much more.

Some choose to make voidpunk representations of themselves called voidsonsas. Here are a couple drawings of my voidsona; one in green, for my aromantic identity, and one with blue and pink, for my trans identity.

Last but not least, the voidpunk patch I made! The colors I chose represent different identities of mine, based off different pride flags. The green is for aromantic, green and gold for aroallo, and green and purple for genderqueer.

That’s all for my first ASAW post! Check back for more throughout the week!

New Blog for Writing and Art About Aromanticism

Hi, I’m Grey. I blog and create art about aromanticism, and have previously done so spread all across the internet; on tumblr and other social media sites, and on other blogs. Now, on the eve of Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 2020, I think it’s about time I put all the things I have made and written, and will continue to make and write on aromanticism, in one place. I care about aromantic community and advocacy and have created this blog as a hub for the aromantic-centered content I create.

Now for a little about me. I’m genderqueer and trans, and I use they/them/their and xy/xym/xyr pronouns. My orientation is aroallo multisexual and I am queer. I like to hoard labels like a dragon hoards gold, but those are the basics. I also make art not related to aromanticism, and links to that and other things I have done writing-wise and aro-wise are on my about page. Other things I’m into include Star Wars, DnD, writing, and music (listening and also currently learning to make).

In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting daily for the duration of ASAW (Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week), as well as cross-posting my previously published blogs and some other works here.

I hope everyone enjoys this blog, I am certainly excited to get started on it!